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We build the web site front end in HTML 5. The program code gets all the bits and pieces and makes the decisions of what will be shown and HTML puts it outwards so one can view it using a web browser.

HTML 5 is, as the number suggests, the fifth and current major version of HTML.


The visual presentation gets customised using CSS. This is where we set colours, font and font sizes. Using CSS we describe all that is needed so that the site is mobile friendly and looks great on all devices.

We use the Bootstrap 4.3.1 Framework as a starting point. Depending on the requirements we modify the Bootstrap Framework to give the site this fantastic custom look.

Graphic Design

We are able to create the design for your website. However, there can be situations when we contract a professional graphic designer.

The design process becomes easier if you provide all the images and have already an idea of how your site should look. See our Design Samples pages for some ideas.

Responsive Templates

We have pre-build responsive design template you can chose from. They are ready to use in less time than a fully custom designed website.

See our Design Samples pages for how things could look. Find the features and looks you like, even if on different pages. We can put it all together.

Programming Language

We build our solutions with ASP.NET C#.
This robust programming language allows us to build pretty much anything a web based application requires. We work on the principle of isolating features so that the program code can easily be re-used. Our qualification division ensures the full functionality of every used component and of course we test all imaginable security risks. Once the code passes our qualification checks, it is available for production. This saves valuable development time, speeds up the development process and saves our clients a lot of money. On top of that it minimises the risk of introducing program bugs.

Code blocks can easily be used in a new project.
Our vast library ranges from user login to complex security code. Back office tasks comprise from adding a content page to products, product variants, product and content categories, blogs, photo upload, galleries, file uploads, customer tesimonials, appointment booking to credit card processing.


We use Microsoft's SQL database.

The Microsft SQL database is a powerful and robust database, which has never let us down. Using our tools for years makes working with them a lot easier and faster.

Building database driven websites and solutions the need for creating a new database on the server is frequent and therefore must be a task which can be done rapidly. Our checklists allow even a less experienced staff to do the job with the same result an experienced colleague would do it.


The best way to answer your questions is if you contact us. Just let us know what you want to know, use our contact form or call, and we will answer professionally.

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