A domain name is used so that a website visitor does not have to remember the "house number" (IP address) of your website. These days most people probably type your company name into Google and hopefully you come up. Years ago, one just typed the URL into the web browser address bar and reached the page without the need of a search engine. (You don't have to search if you know.) tvwfc.co.uk is our domain name. inuklocal.co.uk is another one. haywardsheath.inuklocal.co.uk is a sub-domain of the inuklocal.co.uk domain.
You get a domain name from a domain registrar. There are many domain registrars. You see them advertising on TV and there are many more who don't advertise on TV. Look for one which allows you control over the domain details, like making changes to the Name Server. We have used www.fasthosts.co.uk for almost 20 years and can recommend the company. Good control panel. Good service. We can register your domain name for you and take away the uncertainty of not knowing and not being 100% certain of what to do. Most likely it will save you money as you only buy what you really need and not one of the proposed add-ons.
Prices vary. Fasthosts currently charges £9.99 + VAT per year for .co.uk domains, £12.99 + VAT for .com domains. They often have a special offer and sell the first year for £0.01. (This price was checked on the 8th of June 2019)
.co.uk Domains are registered for a mininum of 2 years and renewed for at least another 2 years. However, you can buy credits at a discount and register your domain name for example for the next 10 years. Saves you money and you don't have to think about it for a while.
Yes, we can. We do this for our clients. If we build your website - we can do that for you.
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