This part of the website shows some designs for a home page

A basic layout

Here we show show a straight forward layout.

  • A fixed menu bar at the top. Stays always there.
  • The a large image which could be a business related photo.
  • The Team photos in a circle.
  • Then some show casing of your work, products or services.
  • Showing 3 price categories side by side on a bigger screen and below each other on a phone and smaller screens.

Restaurant Template

This template can be used for a restaurant, café or bistro. It's responsive design makes sure that it looks good on all devices and can be a great starting point for your website.

  • Intro carousel with extraordinary CSS animation
  • Our menu section
  • A section for upcoming events or courses
  • Signature dishes and Special offers sections
  • Booking form and Contact form
  • Can be used to take orders online
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